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Adding a new member to your family is a big decision. You will be happy with a Brindley Standard Poodle pup because they are loved and cared for even before they are born.


You can trust that you will be happy with the choice to bring one of our puppies into your life and your home. There are many happy people from all over the country who have adopted a Brindley puppy over the last 15 years. Read what they have to say.

Watch our family grow!

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Loving life with Charley. He's (of course) brilliant and great company. He's a happy pup and full of energy. He gets along grandly with people and other pups. LOVES swimming in Lake Travis and the Colorado and Guadalupe Rivers.

He is super well behaved and so gets to go everywhere with proud me. :)

Just wanted to let you know that he is well and well-loved.



Coco has been an absolute delight. No messes in the house, and she even went to the back door on her own last night to be let out! She is responding very well to “come” and still working on “sit.”

Coco is 10.6 lbs now. Received vaccinations yesterday, and vet was very impressed with her. Can't get over how quick she is both on running across the yard and learning. Yesterday was first day on the leash and she was a champ!



Just wanted to thank you all once again and update you on how Symba is doing. He fits in beautifully with our small military family. We love this little dog so much. He is such a joy to have around. Very loving, smart and alert. We've been taking him to puppy training classes. He now knows how to sit, go to bed, stay, lay, go to potty (go outside and return by himself) and we are working on leave it.

He's been a wonderful blessing...just wonderful!



Call 713-320-4327 and add a Parti Poodle to your own family.


Special considerations for members of the Armed Forces and Special Needs Families.

Dear Tammy,


I hope Coco and her 11 puppies are thriving and that the pups are destined for wonderful forever homes. Our fabulous Brindley poodles continue to be a joy! Toby-Jack was seven months old this past Saturday and is rapidly catching up with Tux in size -- although Tux is quick to remind Toby just who is the alpha dog in the family -- and quick to let him know when a particular behavior is not acceptable, so knock it off.


I'm attaching a photo I took last month that gives you an idea of where they are.


Since that photo was taken, Toby Jack has been "snipped," "clipped" and "chipped" -- and he and Tux had  a rattlesnake vaccine to help protect from that particular risk. We almost never see a snake of any kind but we do live in the country so we wanted to play it safe. In August we took Tux with us to an art show I do in Santa Fe. (Toby and Parker stayed home with our neighbor and house/dog sitter "Aunty Angelique.) Tux loves to travel, as you well know, and also loves attention, which he got plenty of. I'm including a photo of his favorite sleeping position in the car.


Let us know how Coco and offspring are doing. Photos, pleaee!



Jean & Dain

4 5

Toby Jack & Tux

Tux makes a head rest of the folded down back seat on the way to Santa Fe

Carla is a gorgeous chocolate and apricot Phantom Standard Poodle. She stands 26 inches and weighs 65 lbs. Carla is intelligent, physically correct, and a powerful athlete. We consider her to be the sweetest and most affectionate of our standard poodles. She throws excellent, robust puppies and is a fabulous mom. We love this girl.

Carmela Brindley Stars in

Phantom of the Opera