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Let your parti-times begin!

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Tiki Island, 45 min. from

Houston, TX


Before you bring a dog into your home, you want to be sure that they had a good start, and have a reasonable chance of living a long, happy, healthy life. Brindley Standard Poodles get that start.


Your puppy will be one from only a small number of litters ever born to his or her mother.  You will love this breed of dogs as much as we do. You may be surprised to find that we have other jobs, and so sharing these wonderful dogs with you is a labor of love, not a large scale operation run to create revenue.

Labor of love

Tammy and Paul were both raised in Houston, Texas, along the Gulf Cost. They have four sons, and live on Tiki Island, Texas, with their youngest son, 7-year-old Will.

Paul is an ENT specialist practicing at UTMB, Galveston. Tammy has a degree in history and anthropology from U of H. Will is a student and is in charge of providing long hours of play and fun with our Standard Poodles.

Meet Tammy, Paul, and Will Brindley

As avid outdoorsmen, the Brindleys raised Labrador Retrievers and Thoroughbred horses for many years. They found their first Standard Parti Poodle, Sophia, when Will was just a baby. They fell in love with her and the near human essence of the Standard Poodle breed with their intelligence, grace, and athleticism. They are 'Boutique Breeders' of exotic and rare Standard Poodles. They breed a very limited number of litters a year of superior quality companion Standard Poodles, and have 5 of their own at home and several with friends and family who also love the breed.

Boutique Breeders

  • AKC Registered

  • Vet Checked

  • 1 Yr Health Guarantee


The Brindley family's primary goal is to raise healthy, intelligent, well balanced Standard Poodles in a clean, loving and interactive environment. They make every effort  to deliver well socialized Standard Parti Poodles that will be a pleasure as a companion and a joy as a family member for many years to come. Please keep in mind that they do have more than average maintenance requirements. Standard Poodles crave lots of love and human interaction. They need routine well-checkups and vaccinations to ensure their health and well being. Also, Poodles require regular grooming and maintenance. Please consider if you have the capacity to provide this level of care when when deciding if a Standard Poodle is the best choice for you.

Why Choose a Brindley Standard Poodle?